1/16th Goodies


                 Item #                          Description                                          Price


   AS04-005                       Enderle Barndoor Inj/Scoop                                      $8.00

16th Hilborn 4 holer.jpg (20188 bytes)   AS00-025                  1/16th Scale Hilborn Injector & Scoop                           $8.00

16th Chutepack body.jpg (21272 bytes)   AS00-027                   1/16th Scale Chutepack FED Body                             $25.00

                                                 (Includes 2 piece body,chute and clear cast windscreen)

Hilborn Pump.jpg (76423 bytes)   AS00-030                  Hilborn Fuel Pumps (pack of 6)                                      $5.00

   AS03-001              1/16th Scale Blown Cammer Motor                                  $38.00

                             AS03-002             1/16th Scale Injected Cammer Motor                                $38.00

   AS03-003                   1/16th '34 Five Window Coupe                                     $25.00

   AS01-011                1/16th Scale Halibrand Spindle Mount                             $6.00

   AS01-010                 1/16th Scale American Spindle Mount                             $6.00

   AS02-012                      1/16th Scale Halibrand Sprint                                      $6.00