How To Work With Resin


1.  Cleaning - Before gluing or painting, parts should be washed with either soapy water or "Castrol Super Clean" (CSC for short).  This is the purple container and is a degreaser.  Soak parts for thirty minutes then rinse well under warm water until squeaky clean. 

2.  Warping - For parts that become warped, use hot, but not boiling, water to soften the part and allow bending or twisting the part back to it's desired shape, then hold the part under cold water to set the shape.  This is the same procedure used for plastic kits.

3.  Body work - After cleaning, parts may be sanded, filled, filed or drilled.  Any small pin holes or other imperfections can be filled with super glue or any glazing compound of your choice.

4.  Painting - Primer coats of automotive primer are recommended on all resin parts before painting.  Hobby or automotive enamels or lacquers are recommended for finish coats. 

5.  Stripping paint - Some strippers may damage resin parts, test a small area first, You may use lacquer thinner, easy-off oven cleaner or CSC degreaser. 

6.  Gluing - Regular model glues will not work with resin.  CA glues such as "Super Glue" or "Quick Tite" are required.