Photo Gallery

     These models have been built with bodies, engines and etc. from Altered States.


                                                            built by: Barry Price


  built by: Brian Grace


  built by: Dave Edwards



built by: Tom Counce



Built by Jay Moody

TF Hydro.jpg (25498 bytes)  Ivo Dragster.jpg (65083 bytes)  CS 99.jpg (59961 bytes)  '31 Bantam AA FA Coupe.jpg (16183 bytes)  King Coupe2.jpg (19163 bytes)  '62 Chevy Biscayne AFX.jpg (18750 bytes)




Built by Ron Bosch

TF Hydro 2.jpg (16607 bytes)  TF Hydro 2a.jpg (147666 bytes)  Pure Heaven II AA FA.jpg (17143 bytes)  purehell1a.jpg (21730 bytes)  purehell1b.jpg (29743 bytes)


built by Steve Prideaux

   Landy's Dart.jpg (21853 bytes) 



built by Vern Scholtz

'66 Garlits Dart 2.jpg (8542 bytes) 


built by Dave Charlton

built by Mike Dmytriw